Dec 20, 2010

come out and play sunshine!

it's really...really...really...cold today. even the sun's still hiding behind the cloudy blanket. in this kind of weather, i'm always feeling a lil bit melancholic. maybe its just me, maybe others feel the same way. but you know what, at this kind of moment people *as in me* will always crave for something warm and flavorful. 

as for me right now, i imagine myself having one hot bowl of chicken noodle soup plus a cup of hot black coffee...hmmm...okay, that makes my tummy growl. but i'm not done yet. let say, a plate of just-out-of-oven mac and cheese will do the trick too. with sides of salsa and crispy oven-potato chips...yum yum!

why am i typing this when i could make any one of those? if you must know, i'm sooo in this LAZY mode *with capital letters for that* that i think going into the kitchen and making them take a little too much effort from me. so i just have to satisfy myself with the web's drooling-worthy pictures...even if my tummy not so much agreeing it! 

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