Dec 15, 2010

relax and chill for a while

what will you do when you had a craving for curry and bread? i supposed you would say, have a curry bread!
as in japan, they have kare pan a.k.a curry bread. well, i haven't taste any of it yet. i'll keep that in my future project. 

but no, i'm not making curry bread which usually will be bake. i want something softer, without the crusty, crispy crust. and guess what? it's time for pau kari a.k.a steamed curry bun!!!'s soft, it's fluffy and it's a little bit spicy thanks to the spices in it.

and let me tell you something, i have three of these right after it's out from the steamer. darn delicious... ^__^  i'm so full afterward i even skipped dinner. no complaint. have it with black coffee, you cannot say anything else except to close your eyes with bliss... ;-) 

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