Dec 13, 2010


i can't sleep. should have known too much sugar before bed is totally no-no. so here i am trying to sleep off the excess energy by telling you a story of this talented girlfriends of mine. they are wacky, they have lots of fun and they bake wonderful goodies. as a matter of fact, they brought me a box of cream puffs and i can't stop munching on their chocolate cream puffs *cuz i'm a chocolate person?* so yummy.... >_<

they came over my house... and we had lunch together at the 'workshop', catchup on the 'latest gossip' going around...totally making the place our own!hehehe... it was a fun day out and it will be a lot more fun if ms. i-think-i-had-an-egg-allergy was here too. so missing u!! T_T

ohh...this remind me of the good old days...^_^


  1. nice one F!
    ure allergic to eggs eh? ok..... no choc cakes anemore for u kecik! hahaha

  2. =P mal...
    dats too cruel...hehehe...
    we still love ya han... ;-)

  3. amboihhhhhhhhhh....
    sedapnye mengutuk org!
    nak choc cakes plissss...

    miss u both much!!

  4. note to mal:
    choc cake; special delivery to brunei. hehe


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