Dec 15, 2010

life on the highway

i woke up a bit early today. i've to prepare for my sister's lunch-to-go since today she'll be registering at a college in johor for a special intensive course. so she wouldn't be around the house for at least four months starting today. 

i hope she'll be doing okay since she's already armed with two jars of made-with-love cookies. ^_^ it will be a little bit quite around the house for a while as the bickering between her and my little brother will have to be put on halt. and i am sure to enjoy the quietness of the house for now!

as i'm typing this, they probably already half way on the highway to her will-be college.*i like the rhyme! ^__^* i pray that everything went well today and that they will arrive and get back home safely. so dear little sister, if you miss home cooked meal, don't worry...i'll be posting online! ;-) here's a few snapshot before the sunrise.

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