Jan 31, 2012

AJL 26 : You've Got to Be Kidding Me

I'm back!!!

Yes, and I am sorry for being absent from my own blog. I wasn't going anywhere. Still at the same place. But every time I tried to write something my head went numb and just like that, I click the close button. Feeling a little motivated today, I'd like to congratulate all the winners of Anugerah Juara Lagu 26 (AJL 26) which took place last Sunday night.

To fully enjoy the night, I prepared early for dinner. We had crusty Italian herbs rolls with creamy potato soup and tiramisu for dessert. The bread dough was prepared a day in advance and it was the easiest dough ever! And the tiramisu was made that Sunday morning. 

The dessert too was the best! Did I mention it was so freaking easy?! Each one of us couldn't help but having a big slice of the tiramisu. And if my sister had her way, she probably going for second or maybe third!! *it was THAT good!*

Though our favorite song did not win any category *Yuna, Penakut was seriously awesome!*, we're all enjoyed the show very much. The performances overall were good. And we did expected that Alyah's song, Kisah Hati would nabbed the Best Performance category. The competition was fierce,  and I have to say that they all deserved the winning. Oh well, no such luck for Yuna this year...^_^ The tribute for Sudirman as the closing performance was perfect. Specially the last song, Salam Terakhir. With the crowd sang along with the singers, it was very heartfelt and haunting... 

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