Jan 15, 2012

Cookie Disaster: Part 2

There are some things that not all people can do. Some people are gifted with certain talents. While others are not-so-gifted. Like me. I just found out that detail works which requires extra attention and time are really not my forte. I was lousy at detailing. O_o

Remember the first icing cookies I made? Seriously, I envied those who can make the beautiful icing-decorated cookies. They all make it look so easy! I tried to be patient. Yeah, it lasted for at least ten cookies. Then I just, what-the-heck-it-just-cookies and let go of my control. Hence the terrible handiwork... 

The cookies were fine. Tasted excellent actually. Just the icing thing. I can't help but felt a little inferior with how the icing looks like. *It looks like some kindergarten project to me! Yikes!!!*

Bunnies and gingerbread-boy. Love the shapes! ^_^

All the crooked lines... :( 

The only one that looks passable enough for a single shoot

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