Nov 14, 2011

Experiment In Progress

Out of boredom, I baked a sponge cake without using eggs. 

I meant it. Not one egg goes into the batter. I made the cake just using margarine, sugar, flour, baking powder, milk and vanilla. Once baked and cooled, I split it into three layers. A hard task I admitted. The layers were crumbly and need to be carefully handled else it cracked! I slathered each layer with a thin coat of raspberry jam. Chilled in the fridge for 5 minutes then add a buttercream layer. Repeating the process, and lastly chilled the whole cake wrapped with cling film for an hour before having our first taste.

The result:

Turns out the cake had a decent taste albeit a little dense. Since the lifting agent a.k.a eggs were omitted in the first place, the outcome was to be expected. 

Just maybe... I thought it could be a little more light and airy. Should I add more baking powder? Or more milk? And without adding the eggs.  

Notice the cracking on top of the cake? It was kind of disaster. To make it worse, my dad totally dislike it at first taste! Said it was under cooked! Aigoo!! 

But I am still determine to make perfect of it. 

So wait for more version of the cake. ^_^

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