May 2, 2012

Between Viking, Homeless Guy & Stalker

Hi, I'm back again today! Forgot about Wordless Wednesday, I just feel like talking right now. Let start with the weekend. While a big event happened somewhere in KL, I was swamped with books *sort of* courtesy of my sisters. They both went to the PWTC book fair and decided that I NEEDED a pile of new books to read! Thanks to them, I have a months supply of books. Not that was a bad thing mind you. 

Then on Monday morning, I got up-close and personal with scones. I would say, it was some record I've made. Five batches of scones to bake and packed. By the time it was done, I was covered with flour! But it was really satisfying, having made something that was requested over and over again because they really like it was worth the effort. Thanks for the request girls and of course to my dear sisters also for helping me!

Okay, so the last book I've reviewed here was Beautiful Dreamer by Elizabeth Lowell. It's not that I haven't read anything... Just that I'm couldn't put my thoughts together into a decent review. Lucky me, in between baking session I always found some time to kill and filled it with reading. Want to know what I'm reading lately?

For now, I'm almost finishing Believe in Me by Josie Litton. It tells a story about two warring clans and how a marriage between the clans can bring in peace; much needed for the people to survive. And of course there will be the evil one; so against the union just because they could benefit from the war. Needless to say, I was captivated by the old world of vikings. I totally love it the way Litton described the surroundings of that time. I can almost picture it in my head. That's how I like my books. Full of words but as I read, it turns into beautiful pictures. Don't ask me why. I just did.

Not forgetting another novel I've recently read which is totally amazing beyond description. Written by Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie was about a homeless man whose live changed with just a smile. There's no word that can describe my feeling towards the book. It was hauntingly beautiful in it's own way. The emotions were so raw that one minute I was laughing and later I cried a river! It was an honest book; in terms of portraying the characters into someone that we can relate to. The interactions between the characters were often witty and thought provoking. Reading Pougkeepsie was like you were a ghost in someone else lives; you witness everything that happened but powerless to take any actions. That's how real it felt. Truly, I didn't want the book to end. Just my wishful thinking...

Way before I read those two books, I so enjoyed reading Attachments: A Novel written by Rainbow Rowell. Getting a job as an internet security personnel could be tough. When you get too personal in your line of work as proven by Lincoln O'Neill. The scope of job requires him to flag anyone in the company that hires him that used the company mail for their own personal matters. So when he caught two best friends gossiping their everyday lives through emails, he should be red flagged them instead of let them go right? Believe it or not, he's enjoying their back-and-forth banter and might I suggest that he's snooping into their lives by reading their emails?! Thus, when you read this book you can be either totally appalled by his stalker-ish behavior or find it sort of romantic and intriguing because he can be totally absorbed by mere emails. So, which side are you? *I have a feeling of both! At one time, the snooping seems acceptable to me but when I think it over...hmm...*

I wanted to add more books but it seems a lot longer than usual. So I'll just stop here for now. Time to feed myself something good. Later! ^_^

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