May 5, 2012

Popcorn Hour

What's your favorite sports-related movie?

I did a little bit of searching and ended up with a couple of movies that were really inspiring and seriously good. So lets watch one tonight okay. It's called Forever Strong, starred by Sean Faris as the leading actor.  The movie was about a reckless rugby player whose perspective on life changed drastically after joining a rival rugby team.

His inability to trust others, especially adults make things difficult for him. Not to mention the set of rules being imposed in this new team. It makes sense however since everything he knew about rugby was taught by his father; which weren't very good examples. His so-called friends also only one step closer to self-destruction. The turn of event that we called fate was actually doing good for him. Though he'll lose his former friends, he gains back respect for himself, from his family and his team.

So what you should expect and need before watching the movie? Okay first, there'll be a lot of wincing. If it's too much for you, just close your eyes. OR what I did was mute the audio during the skirmish! It's rugby after all...Then you'll need tissues for tears. Certain parts were so emotional! And of course, a bucket of popcorn. Munchies is a MUST!

Hope you'll enjoy the movie and good night... ^_^

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