Sep 30, 2011

A Plateful of Comfort

There are times when people just don't feel like doing anything. They rather sit quietly by themselves and do nothing. Staring into space, contemplating their circumstances, calculating their actions... Or whatever that was passing by before them or popping up in their mind. I think it's possible that nothing could get a reaction from those who choose to ignore their surrounding. 
Except, maybe for food. 
Yes, you might disagree but it is a wonder what food could do to your senses.

What exactly my point here you might ask. Well, that was just an into to what's coming. I believe a lot of us like chicken. In fact, poultry could taste so good even prepared into the most simple of dish. *That is if you cook it right!* And it is not that hard to cook a chicken. Rub with salt and pepper, a dash of cilantro and tumeric powder, let them mingle a bit...then grill on fire. If the meat charred a bit, the better! There you have it. Smokey, grilled chicken for lunch or dinner. 

But that's not what pictured above? Oh yeah, that's another story. You might not want to eat that grilled chicken. Just grilled chicken? Get real... How can it chase away your hunger when you could eat a whole cow right? This is the part where I get to tell you that I made the pictured chicken pot pie that was ridiculously easy to prepare and so damn *excuse me* delicious! 

It was during the fasting month, Ramadhan, that we *my sisters and I* had this crazy notions. We've been seeing the pictures of chicken pot pie everywhere on the net and it's like they're calling us! Like it or not, we gave in to the calling... And ooh-please-make-that-again chicken pot pie was ravished by us in seconds *okay, this is so exaggerating!*. There were leftovers, but only a little. The trick was, we used cream of mushroom in the gravy instead of alfredo sauce as stated in the recipe we found in  And for the crust, we tried a recipe from It was crazily good and super-fast as what both recipes claimed! 

We might venture on more traditional ground of the chicken pot pie, perhaps some other time if the mood strike us again. Just so you know, a plate of the pie plus a side serving of leafy salad were all it takes for you to lean back on your chair so you could breath easily... Because you'll be so full it's hard to get up from your chair. So you might want to serve with small slices first... ^_^


  1. mcm best je gambar atas tu..

  2. ade buat chicken pie... resepi pless.. :D

  3. @ jue : ader kat situ jue. just click on the links! ;)

    @ faiz & suhaimi : :D nyum nyum nyum!!


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