Sep 22, 2011

Blue Samurai vs Harimau Malaya

Did you watch the game last night?

It was pretty depressing for me. I was kinda hoping that our team will at least play more aggressively against Japan. Turns out that the Japan team obviously is more skilled than our team. From the first kick-off, Japan has been attacking our goal non-stop!

I bet our goalie/captain, Khairul Fahmi a.k.a Apek was tired beyond reason and couldn't even took a breather! Japan's had at least twenty shots at our goal, with two successful goals in... When the first score for the Japan came in, I was like : Oh no! We're doomed! Thankfully, Apek's superb performance saved us from more humiliating position.

I'm not very good at this game to dissect every mistakes that our players have made. But I could say that our players had somehow lost their touch. They always hesitating to pass the ball and apparently not very good at controlling it either. Whilst the Japan players were systematically passing and keeping the ball and looked like they were having a good time at the game. I'm not sure if our defenses were too slacked or the opponent were too good. From the play, it looks like Japan players could easily maneuvered through the defense without real obstacle.

This was just a start. We still had more games in the coming months. Perhaps our players could show us the real Harimau Malaya skills! I'm still rooting for the team. Go...Malaysia!


  1. bosan la tgk bola, bukan sebab taknak sokong tp penat tgk pemain kita mcm xde semangat. klu main bersemangat, bersungguh2 kalah pon takpe, nmpk juga kesungguhan derang..


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