Mar 3, 2013

How to Surprise A Loved One

If you never do this in your life, you might want to give it a try. Trust me, if the person is someone who loves surprises (the good ones of course!), they'll love this. Here's the step-by-step to follow as a guide. You might want to change accordingly to suit your style... ^_^

  1. Call the person and tell them you'll drop by the house in a few minutes 
  2. Be fashionably late; they'll be expecting you. (Or they might stew in anger. Depends on how well they love YOU)
  3. Let them wonder where you are and impatiently calling you back. (Either they're tired of waiting or can't wait to see you...)
  4. Finally arrive at their place. Bearing GIFTS, A GOOD OLD FRIEND and sweet heaven, a CAKE! (Only applicable to those who love them. Change to suit their taste)
  5. Yeap. That's about it. You'll get to see their surprised, unbelievable, joyful reaction over these simple gestures. (Quite priceless actually)
  6. Take a few pictures afterwards, hugs and kisses then make your exit gracefully...

With these few steps, you are giving them another good memory to tuck in their mind for the rest of their life!


Thanks A and H (their own bake and deliver blog; Manis rocks!) for the cake, we devoured the cake a day early. Can't wait until today! The last two pieces goes to my dad and lil brother. I can confidently say that the cake was a success...

3 layer cake; a moist red velvet cake sandwiched between two layers of dark chocolate cakes.
Filled in between with cream cheese butter cream and frosted with creamy chocolate frosting. Dem delicious!


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