Mar 4, 2012

For The Boy

It's that time of the year again. Happy birthday lil bro!

From a bubbly young boy 
to a rebellious teenager 
and now
a distanced young man

I wish he could always be that young boy
where every emotions unmask, unpretentious
as clear as undisturbed water

But for the young man he is now
I pray that he will be wiser

Facing 'real' world with open eyes
or risk drowning in the illusions

Be true, be humble and always be grateful
for that grounded you as a person
and a measure of your worth; 
as a man.


This little brother of mine loves chocolate cake a little too much. So I baked another one specially for him today. Using Hershey's chocolate cake recipe and filled with mocha buttercream, the cake truly suited his sweet tooth!


  1. y he always get better than mine!!!!arghhhhhh

  2. there's still some left if u want.. :)

  3. @ faiz: best tengok + best makan! :)

    @ Suhami: TQ on behalf of my bro! ;)

  4. What a sweet post! The cake looks utterly delectable! A chocoholic dream.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Reeni! ^_^


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