Apr 8, 2010

craving caffeine

have you ever felt that you crave something soo much that you want it at the very moment? yeap, i bet you guys have been there. little voice in your head keep telling you to go find it; when you finally get your hands on it, your world seems to return to its axis again... 

well, this time, i had a craving for coffee and a cake. it's not one but TWO cravings that i must appeased to make my world whole again.

so, i MUST feed this hunger immediately! quickly... WHAM! BAM! BANG! 
its done. now time to savour every moment of it... =P

oohh yeah baby...thats sums it all..velvety soft, moist, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake.    and to make it seriously heaven, coffee buttercream. oh.my.god. i'm drooling all over again as i type this. yumm... =P


  1. Great - now I am craving exactly that! This looks fantastic!!

  2. haha...it's very nice n yummy...the cake is so soft and wht i like the most is the creammmmmm... \(^^)/


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