Feb 4, 2013

Latest Obsession

Alhamdulillah, it's been awhile since the last post. Hope everything goes well for all of you out there.I wasn't away or anything. Just lagging behind... So today I've manage to gather up my thoughts and putting it into words. 

Believe it or not, this is the topic that came to me in 2013... Read on people!

Everyone have their obsession. Sometimes it stays. Sometimes it is just linger for only a short time. No need to guess what I'm going to write about, obviously it's about the OBSESSION. Lately my sister has been into folding papers - a lot of it! - yeah, you guess it. The origami. You'll never caught me folding a tiny piece of paper into a tinier piece! I can never be that patient. Oh I'm able to fold a paper plane, but that's just about it. Never a rose, or lily or animals.

Shall I reveal her collection so far?

Okay, here goes...

I love these colorful lilies

That white thing is a swan. Yeah you'll never guess from this angle

You see, she's up to a new thing now. That was a LOT of folding! She's still doing it now. Let's hope we can see the finish stuff anytime soon... ^_^ 

So what's your obsession?

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